Resource Management

Organize your workforce, plan your work and automatically assign duties then monitor and track the progress of your work.

Empower your employees with self-service to manage attendance, time registration and absence requests.

Assignment optimizer automates rostering and makes sure the right people are assigned with the right duty and tasks.

What capabilities does Resource Management provide?

Workload Calculator

The Workload Calculator integrates with flight information to determine the workload for staff and equipment using intuitive business rules based on service level, aircraft type, airport in question, qualification and more. The workload is automatically adjusted for schedule changes.

The Workload module generates optimum staff shift and shift patterns which the Rostering module uses to produce and optimized roster planning.

  • Automatic adjustment of the workload for flight schedule changes.

  • Planning for equipment and staff for flight duty and positional duty.

  • Medium- and long-term planning of staff qualification requirement.

  • Workload Calculator is integrated with AIM Rostering.

  • Analysis for coverage, KPI´s, deviations and workload impact.

  • Built in alerts for deviations and issues.

  • Scenario simulations for strategic analysis of schedule changes and impact on workload.

  • Capacity planning


The Workload Calculator provides the strategic requirements and suggestions for optimum staff shifts and shift patterns. The operational process of creating the staff roster and daily maintenance is simple and straight forward and fully integrated with the Workload Calculator.

  1. User friendly and fast roster creation and daily management of it.

  2. Time management for payroll calculation.

  3. Integrated into the planning process.

  4. Sophisticated algorithms provide optimum results.

  5. Portal for staff to view rostering information; self-service for vacation requests, shift swapping etc (with an approval process).

  6. Mobile app for staff for daily management of attendance, availability, view daily duty assignment and manage tasks.

Shift Management

The Workload module generates optimum staff shift and shift patterns which the Rostering module uses to produce and optimized roster planning.

Working hours, duty, resource type requirements and more are manually setup either following the staff shift and shift patterns automatically created or not.

Staff Portal and self-service

Employees have access to a web based portal which they can view shift assignments and manage own information. The portal provides a good overview for employees of assigned duties, past duties and self service on absence requests.

  1. Self service with a management approval process.

  2. Web based portal for employees.

  3. Mobile app for daily duty and attendance.

Task Assignment

The Resource Management and Service Management modules are integrated and can be used to provide means to automatically assign tasks and duty to relevant resources based on department, type, qualification, and more. The assignment is very straight forward and clear so the responsibility of the assignment is very clear to the employee.

  1. Automatic assignment of turnaround tasks to relevant staff.

  2. Mobile app for staff to manage tasks and services.