Environment Management

Digital sustainability management that gives you a clear overview of your environmental footprint, while providing analytics for increasing efficiency and exposing wasteful practices.

How does Environment Management work?

Plan your work

  1. Setup turn-cards with relevant tasks, duties and services according to your handling agreements based on aircraft type, airport and airline(s).

  2. Optionally choose which Qualification and/or functions are required for tasks, duty and activities.

  3. Choose which SLA are tracked for each customer.

  4. Setup the services you offer and configure which ones are billable.

  5. Choose which tasks are measured for performance.

On the day of operation, AIM automatically creates relevant tasks and activities according to the flight schedule and adjusts timing of tasks if the schedule changes.

Deliver the Service

AIM creates all tasks and activities for each flight and automatically updates the timing of the tasks if the flight schedule changes. Tasks are then available for the different departments (Ramp, Pax, Cargo etc) and agents can timestamp tasks and record rendered services.

  1. Tasks – agents manually timestamp the start and/or completion of tasks (Loading, Boarding etc.).

  2. Services – agents manually record which service was carried out (Cleaning on request, DE-Icing required etc.).

Task creation and efficient allocation to resources is a key enabler in ensuring contractual commitments are met and service rendered is recorded.

Furthermore, the Service Management module is integrated with the Resource Management module, meaning that tasks and services can be assigned to a specific agent.

Monitor the service delivery

Monitor the service delivery in real-time from HQ, Control Center or other location. AIM provides digital continuity to both agents and supervisors/managers responsible for delivering the service.

  1. AIM Turnaround Management provides a detailed view of each flight and the status of the service for each department. The view can be global or local to a specific station.

  2. Performance is measure in real time for SLA and other KPI´s.

  3. Centralized view of the flight schedule with access to all available flight information details.

Post op activity

AIM helps with accounting for service delivered to ensure contractual commitments are met and what additional services were recorded which may be billable.

  1. AIM automatically tracks KPI´s, SLA´s and other metrics to measure the service delivery for the day, week, month or year.

  2. Information on recorded (billable) services is available in reports and can also be extracted in excel to manage.