Data Management

AIM´s 3rd Party Connector Library makes it easy to consolidate all relevant data from your 3rd party data sources. This data supplements other data in AIM and provides a digital continuity of the operation and ensures the Right information is available to the Right people in Real time.

AIM is able to process data from systems like Flight planning, Reservation, Cargo, Airport, DCS, BRS, Crew and more.

Data can also supplement existing analytical environments or feed 3rd party tools and solutions.

What capabilities does Data Management provide?

Connector Library

AIM supports many of the commercially available 3rd party systems used in the aviation industry with plug an play connector library.

AIM currently supports Netline OPS, Netline Crew, Altea, Sabre, SITA, ARMS, AIMS, Navitaire, 20/20 and more.

AIM Data Pod

Web Services

AIM exposes data via various web services. Access to data is controlled by the owner and although these services are available they cannot be used without :

  • Flight Information – data consolidated from 3rd party sources such as schedule, crew, departure and arrival times.

  • Process – information on for example turnaround process, status of tasks, progress of turnarounds and more.

  • Push Notifications – events triggered by deviations and disruptions which AIM monitors and creates alerts which get pushed to relevant users and system components to mitigate and manage.