The AIM-solution has a number of Out of the Box features and Plug and Play functionality which provide airline operators of all shapes and sizes with increased efficiency, transparency and control – predictive analytics will play a key role in providing operational awareness and allow airlines to prevent deviations and disruptions.

The Predictive Analytics program, Sybil, is in development and will analyses the operational data in real time using the arsenal from machine learning and statistical model building and selection. Sybil´s mission is to uncover subtle patterns and relationships in data, patterns which is near impossible to discern without advanced methods. These patterns can be used to predict what is likely to happen and discover the likely causes of events thus turning it into actionable insight necessary for better decisions.

Prediction and Forecasting – Historical data used to predict the operational outcome of flights for the day of operation or future flights.

Optimization – Historical data used to construct a list of optimization possibilities.

Trend – Trends in the data and how that affects the operation.

Sibyl provides the ability for airlines to Management by Prevention – prevent deviations before they happen.