Plug´n Play Integration

The AIM-solution has a number of Out of the Box features and Plug and Play functionality which provide airline operators of all shapes and sizes with increased efficiency, transparency and control – 3rd party integration is a key element in the AIM solution.

Airlines have a mixed breed of 3rd party legacy systems, each responsible for a part of the operational process. Transparency and control are limited – achieved by the lowest common denominator of the legacy systems used. Valuable time and resources are spent to ensure the integrity of airline processes are kept intact.

Plug and Play Integration – AIM provides supports for the 3rd party systems airlines use already and will continue to do so. Real time integration with systems for Flight Planning, Flight Schedule, Crew, Passenger reservation and Check-in, DCS, Weight and Balance, Weather, Cargo, Performance, and Maintenance.

Out of the box functionality – business intelligence, process tracking, online analytics and dashboard based KPI´s. Provides transparency and introduces control with strategic measurement of standard KPI´s.

AIM Data services – AIM Data Services provides a platform 3rd party vendors can benefit from, it provides integration consistent capabilities to commonly used flight operation systems vendors can use to integrate own solutions with. In short, vendors can use the AIM Data Services like a white box.

The integration framework is a set of passive and active services which provision data between AIM and the 3rd party systems in real time. The integration has two major components: the integration service itself and a set of supported 3rd Party System Connectors.