The AIM-solution has a number of Out of the Box features and Plug and Play functionality which provide airline operators of all shapes and sizes with increased efficiency, transparency and control – notifications of issues and deviations is an intrinsic part of operational awareness and informed decision making.

The Notification functionality provides awareness of issues and deviations from internal benchmarks. The Notification can either be raised externally by 3rd party systems or related events or internally, based on criteria defined by the airlines. Notifications are most relevant on the day of operation but also for events or issues in future flights. The main purpose is to provide the right information to the right user in real time.

3rd Party Notification – notifications of 3rd Party system status, responsiveness and overall availability – for example if the 3rd Party system or network is not responding, response is corrupt or if there is an error message.

AIM Notification – deviation of criteria – for example a flight(s) are being delayed, flight(s) are being cancelled or there is an increased risk of delays.

Notification Dashboard with Heat Map – Notifications are displayed where relevant, for example in the Scheduled Dashboard for future flights and in the OCC Dashboard for the day of operation. A Notification Dashboard is also available which shows the Notifications on a Heat map.

The system provides notifications for issues that affect the flight operation or may affect the operation. Notifications are linked to milestones, status of 3rd party systems, specific properties or KPI´s. Notifications have a priority visually indicated in Red, Yellow and Green color and they are displayed to relevant users to manage them.