The AIM-solution has a number of Out of the Box features and Plug and Play functionality which provide airline operators of all shapes and sizes with increased efficiency, transparency and control – built in dashboards provide summarized access to flight information in a visualized manner.

Dashboards are a very efficient way of provisioning data and information to stakeholders. AIM provides a number of dashboards Out of the Box, for example visualizing historical flights, the day of operation and future flights. The dashboards provide real time access to flight information and the data and information is refreshed automatically.

OCC Dashboard – Real Time access to flight information with a focus on how it is performing against KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Dashboard is graphical and the information is automatically refreshed.

Efficiency Dashboard – historical flight information with focus on how well the operation performed against benchmarks and KPI´s. Understand what drives efficiency and how it compares with Last Year, Last Month etc.

Schedule Dashboard – provides a summary into the flight schedule with all available information. See for example how reservation are progressing and what issues need to be resolved.

Notifications with a Heat map – provides a summary of the issues being faced, see how they are progressing and visually identify which stations are affected on the notification Heat map.