Airlines have a mixed breed of 3rd party legacy systems, each responsible for a part of the operational process. Limited integration, lack of a unified view and limited consolidation capabilities introduce a challenge that most airlines find hard and expensive to overcome. AIM overcomes this challenge with Plug-and-Play integration and Out-of-the-Box functionality which lays the foundation from which informed decisions can be made – in Real Time

  • Access – automatic provisioning of integration, no infrastructure needed. Simply log in from your workstation, smartphone or tablet – unlimited users, unlimited usage and unlimited access.
  • Insight – gain insight from your historical operational data, use statistical and predictive analysis to understand tomorrow – without ever involving your IT department.
  • Monitor – measure and monitor your operation in real time with visual dashboards, wallboards and out of the box KPI´s, set your own objectives and track how the operation is doing in real time.

Out of the Box functionality includes Dashboards (OCC Dashboard, Schedule Dashboard, Efficiency Dashboard, and Notification Dashboard with a Heat-map), Reports, Analytics, KPI´s (Key Performance Indicators) and a unified Flight view.